Saltair Bridals | Alison + Evan

Saltair Bridals

Alison and Evan wanted to try out shooting at Saltair. This is a great place to do bridals. Saltair is a wonderful neat little spot on the edge of the Great Salt Lake. The salt is exposed there and the water has receded. There is a building there where they do a lot of concerts and events, but that’s not where to shoot. To shoot at Saltair you go straight past the building and out onto this massive expanse of what looks like sand. In reality, it’s salt. All salt. Hence the name Saltair. If you choose a day with beautiful blue skies you’ll get that sleek, simple look. I think I will always recommend Saltair Bridals to clients in the future.

Alison and Evan were amazing and fun, of course. Alison didn’t want to mess up the bottom of her beautiful dress so we brought a roll of plastic to put underneath. She mostly didn’t move the entire session and I had Evan work around where she was standing. Her dress was in perfect condition afterward. I’m sure she enjoyed not having to walk all over the place!

We just walked out about half way. You can go all the way to the water, but it is quite a walk. Unless you want water in your photos, it’s not necessary to go all the way out there.

Who should I bring to my Session?

I always suggest to couples not to bring too many people to your session. If you feel comfortable kissing and being lovey dovey with them, bring them along! I mostly want you to feel comfortable with your significant other. It makes your images turn out more natural.

The most amazing sunset was ours that night. It was so neat to have that gorgeous sky in the background. Alison and Evan are so in love it’s easy to tell. I’m really just there to capture that love and intimacy that you create together! I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had to spend the night with these two lovebirds at these Saltair Bridals!

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