I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Leianne.

I live in Utah County with my husband and our irresistible little girl and little toddler boy. They make my world turn and color my life. I LOVE weddings. More than anything. The reason for this comes from my search for my own husband. I dreamed about getting married and planning a wedding from the time I was little. I found my husband a bit later in my life than I had planned or expected. So when that day finally happened I was soooo ready. I was so excited I had finally found the person I wanted to spend forever with.. That excitement turned into a love for all weddings. From the flowers to the bouquets to the dress, I love all the details. 

I love family. I love my family, I love other people’s families and I love getting together with them aka throwing family parties. When I got married, every single one of my aunts, uncles and cousins were there. I wanted them all to be there. I love sharing and watching other families interact and seeing their love and joy they share seeing each other. I want to know your family. I want to know who is important to you, talk to them and see how they have influenced you into the person you have become. 

God is important to me. The idea of getting married by the power of God overwhelms me with gratitude. My faith is so important to me. With that faith, I understand what types of shots you want to get. I know that you want to make this day sacred. It’s a time you will never forget. Sealed and bonded not just for life, but for eternity. 

Many trends come and go, but I strive to make my images stand the test of time. On your big day, it is my goal to help create photos that tell the story, while also being something you will love to look at every day after. I will photograph you as if you were my own family. I am all about being natural and honest, and beautifully capturing your special moments in life – both the big and little ones.

I’m excited to work with you!