Jordan Pines Engagements | Alison + Evan

Engagements at Jordan Pines in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Alison and Evan really wanted to do a shoot up Big Cottonwood Canyon in the snow this year. We’ve had so little snow in the valley’s this year, it makes for a trip up the canyon! The Jordan Pines Campground area is a wonderful location in both the winter and the summer. There is easy access parking and just a short walk to get to some of the most beautiful scenic backdrops. If you love Big Cottonwood Canyon, Jordan Pines Engagements should definitely be something you look into.

The day we scheduled to do their engagements it was one of the first real blizzards we had this year! We were a little worried that we may have to reschedule, but I encouraged them to just all drive up and check if we could take photos up there in the snow. Then, we drove up the canyon together in a truck. We had to make the assessment of whether we should continue the session or reschedule for a different day.

It turned out to be one of the most beautiful and fun sessions in the snow! It was snowing, but it wasn’t blowing so hard we couldn’t see or breathe. Alison and Evan nailed it by just being themselves. Alison’s hair even looked amazing in the wet snow! She was a trooper and never complained once.

I always like to give you small prompts as we go throughout a session, but what transforms it into something beautiful and uniquely you, is YOU! By being yourselves, you create the magic. I just help you along and capture those small moments in between the “prompts” and “poses”.

I will always tell you if your hair needs to be moved or fixed or makeup, etc. but you are the ones that make it magical. The snow was so beautiful and these two are so in love you can’t help, but smile while being with them. These Jordan Pines Engagements were just pure magic.

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