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Extended family photo in a field

Alpine Extended Family Photos

This Alpine extended family session was done for my aunt, Machelle Newman and her wonderful family. This post feels quite similar to their photos that I did last year as well. Machelle doesn’t normally get new extended family photos every year, but there was a special circumstance in this case.

Last year when I took photos of their family, their son Zach was only dating a girl named Bre. At the time Zach had been contemplating breaking up with her and subsequently did a few days after the shoot. So Bre wasn’t in the main family photos. However, Zach realized how wonderful and amazing Bre was and is only a few days after that and proposed to her! They were married in October of 2019 and I couldn’t be happier. Bre and Zach are a power couple.

Machelle then had a problem though. She had just had family photos done and now Bre was officially part of the family and there was no Bre in the main photo! Machelle’s oldest son Jason and his family live in Washington so Machelle waited until their annual Fourth of July trip to Utah and we took a crack at it again. This time with everyone in the family!


We did these photos up by the Lambert Park Rodeo Grounds in Alpine, Utah. We literally just picked a field and went with it. The large trees made for wonderful shade and the mountains in the background created a picture perfect spot. It was large enough to get everyone in, but also felt intimate enough to do smaller families.

I, of course, brought smarties to keep all the children entertained. Parents, always look at the camera and don’t worry about your kids looking! That is my job. I will get them to laugh and smile and if I can’t I will ask you. If you listen to me I promise we’ll get a great shot of them smiling.

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