Alpine Utah Family Photography | Newman Family

The Newman family are some of my most favorite cousins. This family photography session was done at their friends’ gorgeous property located in Alpine, Utah. I love them and love taking their photos.

We were a little worried about the day not turning out. It looked like it was almost going to rain. Luckily, it didn’t! We made it and got beautiful photos. This property has been used for so many things. Two of their son’s had their wedding receptions here. Their other son had his wedding dinner here the night before the wedding day.

The only thing that we missed out on was at the time we took these, my cousin, Zach had a girlfriend. We took a couple photos of them together and with siblings. However, we didn’t stick her in the main photo with the rest of the group because we weren’t sure of their “status”.

Only a few weeks later Zach proposed to Bre and she is now officially part of the family. Machelle, the mom, just wishes we could have put her in that main photo! Always do a photo with the girlfriend or boyfriend just in case it works out! You can always do one with them and one without in case it doesn’t work out too! That way you’re covered no matter what happens!

Alyssa is Machelle’s only daughter. She has an adorable little boy Baby Rhett. He is the cutest little dude out there. That’s the best word to describe him. He’s such a little dude! He’s probably one of the cutest little dude’s I’ve ever seen.

If you are located in or around Alpine Utah and looking for a family photography session then contact me!

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