Why You Should Never Hire a Professional Friend To Take Your Wedding Photos

When it comes to your wedding day, one of the most important things you’ll want to remember is the way you felt in that moment. The joy, the love, the excitement – all of it captured forever in photographs. But when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, there’s one thing you should never do: hire a professional friend or family member.

Professional Experience

There are a number of reasons why hiring a friend to take your wedding pictures is a bad idea. For one, your friend may not have the professional experience necessary to capture all the important moments of your special day. They may not know how to use the right equipment or have the skills to properly light and compose your photographs.

Strain on Your Relationship

Second, hiring a friend or family member to take your wedding pictures can put a strain on your relationship. If something goes wrong during the shoot, you’ll likely be disappointed and your friend may feel guilty or upset. This can create tension between you and your friend, which is something you definitely don’t want on your wedding day.


Third, a professional photographer will have the right insurance in place in case of any accidents or equipment failure. Your friend may not have the same level of coverage and that can leave you exposed to financial risk.

You Want Them in The Photos

Fourth, you want your friend or family member in the photos! If they are truly part of your life you want them to be part of the day, not running around trying to figure out what to take photos of.

Lastly, consider that a professional photographer will have a portfolio of work that you can look at before making a decision. This allows you to see the quality of their work, their style and also to communicate with them what you are looking for in your wedding photos.

While it may be tempting to hire a professional friend to take your wedding pictures, it’s important to remember that a professional photographer has the experience, skills, and insurance necessary to ensure that your wedding day is captured in the best possible way. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. You don’t want to take any chances with the quality of the pictures and the memories captured. So, it’s always best to hire a professional wedding photographer for your special day.