Styled Wedding Shoot |White Shanty

I had the opportunity to participate in a styled wedding shoot at the White Shanty in Provo, Utah last fall. Don’t know what a styled wedding shoot is? It is a shoot where different vendors come together to create a “wedding”. There’s always a model couple. A lot of times this model couple is also a real couple. This allows for photos to be taken of all the different vendors items. Doing shoots like this help those vendors get the word out that they are available for weddings. Invitations, announcements, flowers, cakes, shoes, dresses, venues, etc. It is all here!

The collaborators of this shoot went with a “stardust” theme. The combination of gold, white, and black really created a starry, magical theme. The details were well thought out and very creative.

The hosts of this shoot allowed about 15 photographers to come in and take photos with the different flat lays, the dinner set-up, the cake and most importantly the couple. Then, we each had our turn to tell the couple what poses to do and where to take them. We did all of these at the White Shanty in Provo. The White Shanty is such a cool space! If you’ve never been there I highly recommend that you go even just to look around. It’s an excellent venue with great lighting and a farmhouse feel!

Because there were so many photographers, they split us up into groups. Then they had us rotate from cake/dinner table to flat lays to the couple. I made some great new photographer friends. I also got some great ideas for how to do flat lays in future real weddings. If you have a copy of your announcement/invitation I always love to grab a flat lay photo of it so you can remember it.

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