Utah Mountain Bridal Photography | Nan + Trent

This Utah Mountain Bridal Photography session is one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever worked with. Nan and Trent were so amazingly awesome to work with. They are so in love and Nan is originally from Nephi so I knew this would be the perfect location to take her bridal photos with her fiance.

I will keep this location secret as I scouted it out and took a lot of time finding it. It’s crazy that these purple flowers come out every year, but usually are gone before the end of June. With the extra rain we got this year, the mountains were loving keeping them around a little bit longer.


I’ve known Nan for four years. She lives just up the street from me. I was fortunate enough to be in Young Women’s with her in my current neighborhood. She is a light to the world. I was seriously so excited and happy when she told me that she was getting married.

Trent and I met for the first time as we did this shoot. I told him that he had to pass my test to make sure he was good enough for Nan. Fortunately, He passed with flying colors. Trent is a good, upstanding guy. That’s the easiest way to put it. He’s just good. You know how you can tell people are just radiating with light and goodness? Trent was one of those people.

This created an atmosphere that was so much fun to watch. These two interacting with each other filled my soul. Their radiance and love for life and each other was contagious.

I love taking advantage of the area I live in and think there will definitely be more Utah Mountain Bridal Photography sessions in the future. For anyone wanting to know where these were taken, it’s a bit of a secret. But if you want to book a session here I’m all for it! Thanks to Nan + Trent who were willing to take a little adventure with me.

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