Shoreline Park Couple | Devaney + Zac

Shoreline Park Couple Photography Session in Saratoga Springs Utah

This Shoreline Park couple session was done at Shoreline Park in Saratoga Springs, Utah. It’s starting to become a popular choice among my clients! I did this session and my previous one here. It’s a great spot though year round and that’s why it works!

Zac is my cousin and his wife Devaney is awesome. I don’t know what you would call her relationship to me? Cousin-in-law? All I know is I’m so glad Zac married her. She is one of my favorite people.

The Cute Dogs!

They decided to bring their two cute doggos to the session and it was a hit. Devaney had her brother come along too to help with the dogs. I’ve never really done shoots with dogs in before and having her brother there was a HUGE help. I thought getting kids to look and smile was fun, but this took it to an entirely new level! Devaney’s brother had pheasant noises going on his phone so we could get the dogs to look at the camera. Candy and silly things work on children, but apparently pheasant noises work for dogs!

After we finished getting the couple photos with the dogs, Devaney’s brother just had them on their leashes hanging around behind us. Devaney brought her adorable hat too. I decided that everyone should bring a hat like this! It just dressed up the session that much more. Plus, we were able to get varying shots with and without the hat! She just bought it at Cal Ranch!

Zac and Devaney were super great to work with. I’d tell them something to do and they’d take it and make it their own. It made the session go by quickly because they were willing to just relax. I always say this, but BE YOU! It makes for the best memories to capture. Ones that you will actually want to print and put in your home. I loved working on this Shoreline Park Couple Photography session.

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