Salt Lake Temple Wedding Photography | Matti + Blake

As far as Salt Lake Temple wedding photography goes, this was one of my top ten shoots. Matti + Blake were so much fun to work with and their day turned out perfectly. We were a little worried because of the fires that the air would be a bit smoky and hard to breathe, but luckily, the air cleared out for just this one day!

They were such a happy, easy-going couple to work with. With how popular this location can be, Salt Lake Temple Wedding photography can sometimes seem rushed, but Matti and Blake made this such a joy. The light and joy in their faces as they came out of the temple and the rest of the day was priceless. They both came from excellent families who were all there to love and support them.

We did Matti’s bridals also at the Salt Lake Temple a few weeks before their actual wedding day. If you are worried about getting temple photos with better lighting this is a great way to do that! Do your bridals a few weeks before at the temple you’re getting married in. That way, we can get the photos of the temple grounds without having to worry about harsh lighting, rushing to get off the stairs and there are usually less people at the prime lighting times!

Their reception was held in Riverton at the CR Hamilton Sports Complex Building. It was small, but intimate and a perfect way to close out their day!

Ceremony Location: Salt Lake Temple

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