Payson Temple | Christenson Family

Payson Temple family photography

Payson Temple Family Photos

I was honored to capture such beautiful moments for the Christenson family at the Payson Temple.

Amanda and Ed were sealed to their children in this temple. It also doubled as a maternity session. I’m not sure if it was the pregnancy glow or Amanda just being herself, but she was glowing in every picture. Their kids were so cute, and we were able to effortlessly capture several candid moments for the family.

Amanda and Ed also are a perfect example of why it is so important to hire a professional wedding photographer. They were married years ago in Alabama, but they have almost zero photos from that temple wedding. They wanted me to take these photos so they could be similar to wedding photos, but they get to include all their kids.

I’m so glad I was able to capture these memories for this family. They will have photos they can treasure forever. If you want to get beautiful family photos, click here to book a session with me!