Saratoga Springs Newborn Photography | Baby Saylor

Chantel and Chris are happy proud parents of their adorable baby girl, Saylor. We were able to do this newborn photography session photos in their new home in Saratoga Springs in the nursery they created for their brand new little girl.

Chris was one of my husband’s roommates in college. Since then, he married Chantel and he and Chantel come over for board game night almost every Saturday. I was honored to be able to take photos of their cute little baby girl!

She is a light and a joy in their lives and you can see how much they love and cherish her. As always, I take a photo of the mother. Mom’s rarely get photos of themselves these days. I always make sure to snag a photo they can feel happy about.

They had just barely moved into their new house in Saratoga Springs mere weeks before Saylor was born. They didn’t have everything in their new house all put together, but they did have the nursery and crib together. We just worked around the boxes. It was so simple and cute. I love simple. The funny part about simple is the fact that it takes a lot of weeding through for things to be simple. Simplifying always implies a lot of work went into it instead of less.

They were such good sports about everything and even agreed to do some new things that I wanted to try. We were lucky that those things worked out to be some of my favorite photos. I even snagged some while they were changing Saylor’s diaper. I bet you can’t guess which ones those were!

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