Utah Newborn Photography | Fairbanks Family

I’m super excited to share the photos of this Utah newborn photography session. The Fairbanks family was so much fun to work with!

We did the photos in their home in Lehi, Utah. The other children were so excited to have a new baby in the house! It was so fun to see the light in their eyes as they swooned over their new baby brother.

I met Jacqueline through one of my best friends, Amanda Manscill. Jacqueline is Amanda’s sister-in-law and referred me to her for these gorgeous photos. Older brother and sister were hilarious and quite rambunctious. And to be totally honest, I LOVE children like that. They are so much easier to get perfect glimpses of their personality. I can usually always get them to smile their genuine smiles too. They don’t hold back from being themselves.

If you’re ever worried or concerned that your kids are “too crazy” never fear. Like I said it is actually easier as a photographer to guide the fun and outgoing children than the reserved ones.

I love doing Utah newborn photography in people’s own homes. It makes families feel more relaxed and comfortable, especially kids. We also had the rare opportunity for grandma and grandpa to be there too. So we snapped a few photos of them with their new grandson they welcomed into the world. And, of course, we had to get a photo of grandma and grandpa and all their grandkids from this family. They didn’t want to be left out.

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