Lehi Utah Newborn | Baby Oliver Gorringe

mom holding newborn looking out the window in Lehi, Utah

Lehi, Utah Newborn Photos

It was a dream to take these Lehi, Utah newborn photos. Rachel is my roommate and great friend from BYU-Idaho. She and I lived together for 3 of the 4 years I went to school there. She was living in Missouri for quite a few years, but recently moved back to Utah. I was thrilled when she contacted me to do photos for her new baby! This is baby number four for her. Her other three children were so stinking adorable.

I am always up to taking Rachel’s family photos. She is one of the most beautiful and photogenic people I have ever met. She just naturally goes into poses without it being weird or awkward.

Newborns are seriously some of my favorite sessions to shoot. Especially when there are cute little siblings to adore the new baby. When I arrived at their home all three children were hovering around the baby laying on Rachel’s bed. They just wanted to touch his face, nose and all the little details.

In-Home Sessions

I also love doing in-home sessions for newborns. It makes your newborn feel more comfortable as well as your family. Let’s not forget husbands too. I know husbands feel more comfortable in their own home. I’m pretty sure the majority of husbands don’t loooove getting family photos taken (not just my husband, right?). This makes it easy that you don’t have to go anywhere making happy children, happy husband and most importantly, a happy mom.

This also allows for the other children to be able to go and take a break and play with toys while we do shots without them. It keeps everyone at ease and happy.

The Gorringe family was perfect in everyway. Rachel was worried with having three other children to worry about, but she had no need. They were angels and just themselves. Having children that will tell you stories is NOT a bad thing. It’s wonderful and makes for the most genuine smiles.

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