In-home Newborn Photography | Baby Cooper

This in-home newborn photography session for Baby Cooper was done at my home in Eagle Mountain. I use my bedroom as a makeshift studio. Fortunately, because we built our house, I have that luxury to do so. My bedroom has the perfect lighting in the late afternoon to make for the best photos.

If you ever feel like your house isn’t “Pinterest worthy” I always give you the option to use my house/bedroom. It is a great option that feels like a studio, but doesn’t cost any extra!

We had so much fun with this one. Cooper’s older brother was hilarious and very curious about his new baby brother. At the same time, he kept jumping on the bed (which I encouraged him to do). He thought that this photoshoot thing was really great. Candy is a great incentive. Siblings seem to be more comfortable for in-home newborn photography sessions and this leads to more real, candid photos which I love.

Heidi was referred to me by my cousin, Amanda. I have done all of Amanda’s children’s photos. If you want to see those click here. Heidi was so great to work with.

Just look how snuggling and loveable Cooper looks in these!

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