In-Home Newborn | Baby Savannah

in-home newborn photo

Zach and Bre are the proud parents of cute Savannah Mae. Savannah is their first baby. I am blogging this in-home newborn session a bit later than I usually do because I was 3 days from having my own baby when I took these photos. Savannah and my newest baby Riley are exactly 2 weeks apart! It is going to be so much fun having them be so close in age!

Zach is my cousin and I did some engagement photos for them last year as well. They are the best couple. Little Savannah is going to have the best parents. They are both so patient and kind it is hard not to like them. We did this session at my home in Eagle Mountain Utah. Because if you don’t think your home is nice or pretty enough, I always offer to do them in my bedroom at my home. It doubles as a perfect studio type location, plus it has amazing lighting. I love doing in-home newborn sessions. They are so much fun.

Baby Savannah was perfect. She didn’t cry or anything. Once we got her wrapped up and ready to go she was an angel and slept 90% of the time. For anyone wanting the posed newborns, I don’t really do that. I much prefer lifestyle when it comes to newborns because it gets mom in the photo. I always like to have mom and dad in the photo with newborns. In this case, it was just mom, dad and baby since it is their first child. I love getting the entire family in the photo. It doubles as family photos for the year too! I mean, really, you can’t beat that. You need to capture these moments with your little one. It is something you will NEVER regret paying for. I promise. I never did photos with my first born child and I regret to this day never doing that.

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