Eagle Mountain Newborn | Baby Rhett Lay

Sister and brother holding and snuggling newborn baby brother in Eagle Mountain newborn in-home session

Eagle Mountain Newborn Session

This Eagle Mountain Newborn Session is in the Lay family’s home. I have known the mom Bailey, for four years and taken photos of their family before. When she asked me to take photos of this newest addition to their family, I just couldn’t say no.

Bailey’s oldest child, Reagan, is a similar age to my daughter and they love playing together. My daughter absolutely loves going over there because she says “They just have the coolest toys, mom.”

Locations in Your Home

I did the newborn photos for Bailey’s son, Will, in their home as well. Bailey wanted them to be in a different spot in their home. She wanted to be able to tell the difference between the photos we did of newborn baby Will and the new ones of newborn baby Rhett. So we got creative and decided to use their basement. Their entire basement isn’t finished. Bailey’s husband finished a small kitchen, one bedroom and a living space so Bailey’s sister and her husband could move in.

The space could not have been more perfect. I sometimes worry about people’s homes not having enough light as I go to shoot, but after this shoot I’m convinced we can always find some sort of light. This entire session is in a basement! We just stayed close to the windows and the doors and soaked up all that soft beautiful light.

Bailey was worried that her son Will would be too crazy to get photos of, but he was perfect! I always bring treats (usually smarties) for the small kids to use for bribery. It almost always works. Fortunately, smarties don’t get everyone messy either. I can give one smartie to a child and they can chew it, be happy for a minute and capture that genuine smile. It only takes a second.

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