Eagle Mountain Engagement | Zach & Bre

Eagle Mountain Engagement Photos
in Utah

I shot this Eagle Mountain Engagement session in June. Zach is my super awesome and amazing cousin. I’ve watched he and Bre and their adorable relationship bloom. They are the kindest, nicest people you’ve ever met. They will never say a bad word about anyone else. Zach and Bre are always striving to be better people and kind to all those around them.

We did these photos just out in Eagle Mountain in this sort of random field. It’s going to end up being one of my favorite spots! The location has the beautiful dry grass with the silhouette of the mountains in the background. This made for the perfect combination.


Bre got her makeup done by the amazing Kassie (@kassie_create_). Kassie knows what she’s doing when it comes to makeup. She’s fun to talk to and makes the entire process a breeze! Kassie is so flexible as well and I love working with her. Not to mention her beautiful work. She takes women and just knows how to make them beautiful.

As we started the shoot Zach and Bre were a little nervous, but I softened them up quickly. I couldn’t believe how natural they were with the camera. The many people I photograph are always worried about being “photogenic”. I honestly and truthfully believe that everyone can be photogenic. Really all you need is to act natural! Being too stiff makes your photos look forced. The natural look is my way to go. I will always direct you to do what feels natural and right to you. I will always try to have you do what feels most natural to you!

We had such a fun time with this shoot and only a few months later they announced they were having their first baby! A cute little girl will join their family early next year. I am personally so excited about this because I am having a baby girl shortly after! I’m excited for them to be friends!

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