Butterfield Canyon | Madison Family

family photos-mom with arms around her young son

Jennie contacted me wanting updated family photos. They hadn’t taken a real family photos for YEARS. Jennie’s son, Quinton also just graduated from Summit Academy (at the time of the photos he had not yet graduated). So we chose to do a combined family photography session plus Quinton’s Senior photos. Jennie was really worried about her four teenage boys being uncooperative and just boys. I kept telling her not to worry. They were perfect gentlemen and I got them all to smile by bribing them with treats afterward.

Jennie was worried about matching outfits for all her boys. We had Jennie pick out what she wanted to wear for the photos first. That is the number one rule for family photos! Moms! If you don’t know where to start, start with choosing your outfit. Pick what you feel most comfortable and cute in. Then you can coordinate your family’s outfits around that. Because in all reality, we want you to look and feel the best.

Jennie’s sons mostly hang out in basketball shorts so we had them all dress up in their church clothes. Jennie did an amazing job of coordinating all their ties and things. I’m used to shooting small kids that are running around and it was actually a nice change to have an older set of kids this time!


We did these at the base of Butterfield Canyon. It had just started turning green there so it was beautiful and gorgeous. You’d never know, but it literally turned into a giant windstorm within 5 minutes of us ending the session. We lucked out in the nick of time.

If have kids you think will be unruly or honestly, a husband who is less than thrilled to be there, I always bring incentive. It usually comes in the form of treats of some kind. Husbands typically like this. I also move quickly to make the session more fun and as painless as possible. Thanks to Jennie and her family for allowing me to capture their cute family in this busy stage of life.

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