Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You’ve found him. That perfect one. The one you just know somewhere inside you was meant for you. The only thing that will last longer than your love, is your photos. Your day is all about your the happy, familiar faces of all the people that came to support you. There will be tears of joy shed and your family will be there to share it with you. You’ve been waiting for this day your whole life. While you’re focused on your friends and family, I’ll work hard to capture the beautiful, unique, tender moments that make your day one of the biggest of your life. From the moment that you slip your dress on to when you hug your parents goodbye, those tiny moments will be the memories that last forever.


The moment you become a parent something changes. Your heart changes. You become something better. You learn to love in a way that you never have before. To give of yourself to a tiny human, who many times ends up looking and acting just like you. It’s a small dose of heaven looking back at you as you hold them in your arms. As they grow, you learn. They learn. You both become better. You learn to serve and work together. From a newborn babe to a toddler to a teenager and then an adult, the precious moments you have with them are fleeting. Before you know it they’ll be grown and out of the house. “Let them be little, because they’re only that way for awhile”. Freezing them for just a minute will allow you to remember them forever.

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